Barge Holidays

Barge HolidaysTaking Barge Holidays in a narrow boat may seem like an idyllic way to spend your time away from the rat race but it can be a little daunting for beginners. Beginners will be given instruction when they first hire the vessel, but there are a few tips that can make your break run a little smoother.

For a narrow boat there are usually only two levers that you need to consider when driving. One is for speed and the other determines whether you go forwards or backwards. The tiller will also help to control the direction of the boat.  That is just how simple the Barge Holidays are, and you will be enjoying your time off in no time.

Tips on How to Enjoy the Barge Holidays

When on Barge Holidays it is advised to stay in the centre of the canal as much as possible, only moving to the side when you meet anotherMarvel at the Stunning Sights Along the Way vessel. This is because the centre of the canal is deeper and can help to keep the boat moving smoothly. If you need to overtake, you should do so on the right, as if you were driving.

When on Barge Holidays, forward planning is a good option, particularly when you are a beginner. Think about the route you want to take and try to plan some stops in advance, so you can work out where you need to be each day. Deviating from the plan is okay, try not to stay too long in one place – there will be lots of others that you are missing out on!

What You Might Need on the Barge Holidays

Relaxing Boating Routes throughout the UKDon’t forget to take essential items such as basic foodstuffs and waterproof clothes, and if you intend to moor at night in out of the way places, take along a few books or DVDs, so that you will not get bored when you are not sailing.  There are loads of different locations for you to choose from including the Yorkshire Waterways, Grand Union Canal, Cheshire Ring Boat Hire, Kennet and Avon and many more.

Having said all that, the best tip is to relax and make the most of the trip. The Barge Holidays are over all too soon.

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