Barge Holidays in France

Due to the size of the country, those considering Barge Holidays in France will be spoilt for choice when it comes to starting points for the holiday. Some may not want to travel too far into the country and may opt to stick to Brittany or Normandy. Brittany is one of the most Barge Holidays in Francefascinating parts of the country as it has its own language which is still used in some areas. The region is filled with restaurants which specialise in local, freshly caught seafood.

Discover More with the Barge Holidays in France

Normandy is another good area for those who want to take Barge Holidays in France. The town of Bayeux is a popular tourist destination, as it is home to the world famous Bayeux Tapestry. Visitors to Normandy could also take the opportunity to visit the beaches which are famous for the World War II landings. There are several Choose from Barges and River Cruisersmemorials in the area which pay tribute to those involved. There are also a number of chateaux which are popular with tourists and which give the visitor a good idea of how life was for the French aristocracy in years gone by.

Warm Sunshine with the Barge Holidays in France

Travelling further south may suit others who are looking for warmer climes. Provence is a very popular area of the Choose from a Massive Range of Boatscountry and ideal for those on Barge Holidays in France. The town of Carcassonne has a long history and is closely associated with the legends of Mary Magdalene and the Holy Grail. Further along the coast the town of Grasse is famous for perfume production and it is possible to have your own signature fragrance made while you are there.

No matter where you choose, there are always plenty of tourist attractions in every area of France, from small villages with plenty of character to cities that are filled with shops and trendy bars and restaurants.  You can choose the area you would most like to explore, pick the craft that best suites and meets your requirements and choose the length of time you would like to be away.  The Barge Holidays in France provide you with the chance to tailor your holiday to exactly how you would like, and this allows you to ensure you have the best possible time away.

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