Barge Holidays in ScotlandFor people looking for a relaxing break from work or home life one of the best options that there is at the moment is going on barge holidays in Scotland. Scotland is a great location for such a holiday because it offers the holidaymakers great views and a relaxing and enjoyable environment as they sail down the Caledonian Canal or one of the many lochs that there are in the Highlands.

Unlike the rest of the United Kingdom, Scotland offers the people sailing down its rivers the chance to see not only countryside and woods, but also mountains and majestic highlands as they cruise along the peaceful waters. There are routes that take the sailors right by the foot of Ben Nevis (the highest Sail the Stunning Waterwaysmountain in the United Kingdom), all the way up to Inverness in the far north of the country and pat all the great sights in-between.

There are many marinas offering Barge Holidays in Scotland covering all areas of the routes which are far more mixed and diverse than other in the UK. Canals can be very small and narrow as they pass through the moorlands and countryside of Scotland, where the people sailing down them will see few other people along the shores and even less on the waters and there will be no signs at all of any cars or other man made features.

However there are also canals that are broad, where other barges will sail past occasionally and people will be seen walking or cycling along the edges of the water.

See the Mountains in a New LightThe main route that barge holidays in ScotlandĀ go on is the Caledonian Canal and this also offers the holidaymakers the chance to sail across the Loch Ness, to experience the mystery surrounding the Loch Ness monster which supposedly swims beneath the depths. There are great opportunities for fishing along many parts of the route which many people take full advantage of while on their barges.

There are also small towns and villages which the canals will pass through giving people the chance to stop off for a day on land, for a meal or just to stretch their legs before sailing off along the peaceful waters again.

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