Boat Hire Cheshire Ring The waterways of the UK are one of the most relaxing holiday breaks you can choose, as you gently wind your way along the rivers and canal network you will be able to see many different landmarks, enjoy some wonderful countryside and stop off at small towns, villages and even cities as you go.  The Boat Hire on the Cheshire Ring is one of the most popular in the UK and this is because there is so much to see and many different routes too choose from as you cruise.

You can soak up plenty of the history and heritage of the area as you go and you will see many of the Cheshire and surrounding counties landmarks.  Some of the features to look out for include Mow Cop Hills, Cheddleton Flint Mill and Barton Swing Aqueduct to name just a few.  The beauty of the Boat Hire on the Cheshire Ring is you can take in lots of different canal networks as well and these include :-

  1. Macclesfield Canal
  2. Manchester Canal
  3. Huddersfield Narrow Canal

Great Boats and Great Locations and these are just a few.  Some of the cities you can also stop off at include Manchester, Leeds and Liverpool and there are plenty of mooring points so you can get out and explore.  The boats on hire are all excellent and very well equipped so you will have all that you need to enjoy a short break or a week or two away on the waterways.  There are lots of pubs and restaurants near to the canals so you can enjoy meals off the boat or make full use of the boats facilities.  The Boat Hire on the Cheshire Ring ring really does make for an excellent holiday if you are going away with family or friends and you will have a fantastic time away.

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