Boat Hire Holidays on the Norfolk BroadsBoat Hire Holidays on the Norfolk Broads are a lovely way to spend your free time. The whole area lends itself to the ideal relaxing situation.  It is calm and serene and perfect for unwinding on a much deserved break. It is a lovely way to spend time with the whole family, including the family pet.

Boat Hire Holidays on the Norfolk Broads also have plenty to offer in the way of accommodation. It is possible to rent beautiful hand painted barges, cruisers or even sailing yachts. Some of the boats may have difficulty passing under certain bridges due to height restrictions, but all this information should be given by the boat hire company prior to starting the holiday.

Boat Hire Holidays on the Norfolk Broads offer the holidaymaker plenty of freedom. It is possible to moor up at different sites and enjoy many different areas all on the one holiday. The accommodations Enjoy a Wide Range of Boats and Locations can also be as luxurious or as basic as you wish so there really are boat hire holidays on the Norfolk Broads to suit all budgets. There are boats for a maximum of two people and others that can accommodate 10 or more. Travelling with a larger group can make the holiday more cost effective although many boat hire companies do not allow hen or stag parties to charter a boat, or groups of all male or all female parties. Any restrictions should be made clear by the rental company before booking the holiday.

There are also many options for those who wish to take the family pet along as many of the boats allow animals although some do restrict the amount of pets, usually a maximum of two per boat.  Booking your boating holiday can be done through your high street travel agents or over the internet directly with the boat rental companies.

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