Boat Holidays in Italy can be the most versatile holiday that you can plan. There is nothing that can compare to a lazy afternoon on the canals of Italy. Boat Holidays Italy Everyone thinks of the romantic canals of Venice when they envision boat holidays in Italy. Almost all of Venice can be accessed by its waterways. Most of the narrow boats are self-catered but this is a country where you will probably want all your meals onshore. There is nothing that tastes better than local red wine and authentic Italian food. The lifestyle on shore matches the lifestyle that exists on the canals; laid back and relaxed.

One of the must-sees of Italy is Murano, an island that is known for its gorgeous handmade blown glass. Boat holidays that are scheduled around the end of May can watch the Vogalonga boat race that runs its course from the island of Burano and through the Grand Canal. If you would rather, you can head for the sandy shores of Jesolo to explore the many seaside shops and restaurants after a day of play on the beach.

Boat Holidays in Italy have a little something for everyone. For the nature lovers, the Po Delta National Park and the River Po yields some unique vegetation. The pink flamingos and heron are some of the examples of the Wonderful Italian Countryside wildlife that can be found in the country. If you are looking to prepare your own meal, consider stopping at the seafood market of Chiogga to purchase the freshest fish. There is a ton of culture in the Italy through the art, music and museums. It will not be a boring holiday if you decide that Italy is the country that you want to explore. There are plenty of small quaint villages that line the waterways of the picturesque countryside. The Boat Holidays in Italy is a definite tour of the five senses and a really enjoyable break for families or groups.

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