Boat Holidays Norfolk Taking to the waterways of the UK is something that people have been enjoying for many years, but in recent years it has become a great deal more popular and the Boat Holidays in Norfolk are now one of the number one holiday choices.  This year in fact Norfolk was voted as one of the top ten locations in the UK to visit on holiday, so with this in mind there are plenty of reasons why exploring this area in a boat makes perfect sense.

The Norfolk Broads are a unique area of the UK with lots of wildlife and beautiful areas for exploring and when you are sailing on your very own hire boat you can see so much more of the untouched beauty of this area.  The Boat Holidays in Norfolk vary and depending on which boatyard you choose to set off from you can see different areas, in fact some of the top start locations include:-

  1. Wroxham
  2. Hickling
  3. Stalham
  4. Brundall

Excellent Boats for Hire and there are more as well.  Each one of these boatyards has a large choice of boats for you too choose from and many of them can sleep anywhere from three people right through to eight or more.  The boats are very well equipped with all that you need to spend your short break or holiday away, whether you are going for a three or a four night stay or longer you will feel comfortable and have plenty of living space.

Superb River Boat Holidays in Norfolk Unlike many of the other areas of the UK the Boat Holidays in Norfolk are primarily made up with river boats rather than canal boats and this is part of the charm of the area.  The same rules to the river still apply and when you are away you will be looking at a more gentle way of life, but with plenty of places to stop along route you can sample and enjoy plenty of the local hospitality.  Make sure to check out the boating holidays in Norfolk if you are looking for a relaxing, enjoyable and fun holiday in the UK.

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