Boating Breaks in NorfolkBoating breaks in Norfolk are a great choice for a family holiday or for a getaway as a couple, a group of friends or just individually because they can be a great place to relax, get away from any stress the holidaymakers may be under and to get back into the great outdoors where everything seems to simple and easy.

Norfolk is located in the south east of the country, near the city of Norwich and if full of old canals and rivers for people to float down to their hearts content.

The canals in Norfolk offer the people sailing down them the chance to see all kinds of wildlife and beautiful landscapes, while getting away from the modern world. Almost all of the canals and rivers cannot be reached by cars so if you are on holiday on one of the boats you never have to worry about the sights and the sounds of traffic or trains or anything apart from the flowing river and the occasional riverside pub where you could stop for a meal. Along the route you will also find plenty of small country villages where you could spend a day relaxing off the boat.

Many people are choosing to go on Boating Breaks in Norfolk, thanks to the lovely canals and rivers which the location has to offer. Another reason is the fact that there is such a huge range of marinas and companies that rent boats from for a few days or weeks. These marinas are dotted all over the countryside but somehow manage to never get in the way of holidaymakers or cause traffic on the peaceful canals.

Relax in the Lovely BoatsChoice of Boatyards Throughout NorfolkEnjoy the Beautiful Landscapes

The many marinas also mean that there are hundreds of boats to choose from for people going on boating breaks in Norfolk. Therefore you do not have to worry that you might not be able to find a boat that is big enough for you family. Also that it is not the style or type that you are after. There are boats for everyone no matter what age the group is, how many you are in number and how experienced you are on a boat, there is nothing to stop people enjoying these boating holidays.

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