Do you like Scotland and you want to see some of the countryside you cant access from any other type of holiday? If so you will be interested in the Boating Holiday Scotland have to offer you when you go to visit for either a weekend, short break or week or two away.  There are some superb boatyards that have a wide selection of boats for you to hire for your holiday.

The two main areas in Scotland are the Forth and Clyde or the Scotland Lochs, we will take a look at both of these within this post so you can see which would be best suited to your requirements.

Forth and ClydeBoating Holiday Scotland

Forth and Clyde This covers a really superb area of Scotland with some areas of outstanding beauty you will find a great deal to see and do as you gently meander your way along the waterways.  The main boatyard is just outside Falkirk and has a range of boats for you to enjoy while you slowly set sail along the fully restored canal network.  There are three styles of narrowboat for you to enjoy when you set sail from Falkirk which suite a range of party sizes from two to ten people.  There are also four different cruising routes from this boatyard.

Scotland LochsBoating Holiday Scotland

Scotland Lochs There is a choice of locations to start your holiday from when you take one of the Scotland Loch boatyards as your holiday choice.  There is one in the far North that is Caley Cruisers (Inverness) and another which is Laggan near Laggan Locks.  Both of these start points will allow you to explore the highlands and local areas and you will see some of the most fantastic countryside you will find anywhere within the British Isles.  There is a range of boats and a range of cruising routes for you to enjoy, so take a look and see which would best suite your holiday requirements.

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