Boating Holidays from Gayton MarinaGayton Marina lies on the Grand Union Canal which used to be the main route through the country by boat but has slipped out of mainstream use and is now a perfectly peaceful drift down the river barely meeting anything but small rowing boats travelling along.

This, along with the fact that the canal offers beautiful views on both sides all the way down is why boating holidays from Gayton Marina have become so popular in recent years. Boating holidays used to be an unusual thing but now are becoming more common as the canals have fallen out of commercial use and are now used purely for pleasure.

“Canal Boats to Sleep 4, 6, 8 or 10 People to be hired from Gayton Marina”

Enjoy the Stunning Beauty of the Grand Union CanalThe Grand Union Canal, which used to be the busiest route between Birmingham and London, is a lovely place to sail down, passing a wide range of views from rolling landscapes of fields and trees, to small and pretty little villages all the way up to large towns.

Travelling down the river is like going backwards and forwards in time all along the same gentle route. Boating Holidays from Gayton Marina are peaceful and the perfect thing to relax and get away form the pressure and stress that working life puts on so many people in todays busy climate of work. They can be great getaways for families, couples, groups of friends or people travelling alone who just want to see Enjoy the Calming Waters of the Grand Union Canalthe sights in peace and quiet.

The Gayton Marina is a small and cost marina which holds only a few boats but they are all of a high quality and are all very cosy for the people having a holiday in them. They all have everything anyone could want (within reason) and there are a range of sizes to fit all sizes of groups of people who wish to go away in them.

Boating holidays from Gayton Marina are a great way to try something different while having a holiday, instead of just flying away to some hot country to boil and burn for several days, they can now sail down the canal in peace, seeing the sights at their leisure.

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