Boating Holidays in Alsace are a favourite way to travel and experience this beautiful region of France. When one takes a holiday in the Alsace area, they Boating Holidays in Alsace are essentially getting the best of two distinct cultures, French and German. There is a quiet and quaint sense of the region yet when moving closer to a city, there is an extraordinary cosmopolitan heartbeat that exists. There are over 200 museums in the region and over 400 castles and monuments for the delight of any historian. Travelling the waterways is an adventure through time as the canals were the ancient method of travel and flow of goods throughout the region. One may even feel as though they have stepped back in time during the holiday break.

The canals weave themselves throughout the cities and the countryside and provide the perfect backdrop for Boating Holidays in Alsace region. The foothills and valleys hold old rustic farmhouses, worn down castles and natural parks. There is always the choice to disembark from the boat and travel in a Lots to see along the Canal hot air balloon, on horseback, or riding on the bike trails. There are vineyards peppered throughout the countryside and some of the most favourite French wines come from this part of the country, so this is worth a stop and a tour on any of the Boating Holidays in Alsace.

The cities, Stasbourg, Colmar and Mulhouse, hold some the most ancient cathedrals and churches. There are not just art museums but technical museums based on auto mechanics, the railway and textile printing. The cities hold their share of waterside cafes and places to stop and gather supplies. Regardless of what city or village you are visiting, the gastronomy is taken very seriously throughout the area. It could be considered a way of life and you will be hard pressed to find a better food experience out there.

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