Boating Holidays in Aquitaine The Boating Holidays in Aquitaine are most popular because some of the world’s finest brandy and wines originate from this area of the world. Vineyards, orchards, and beautiful gardens make up a majority of the region’s countryside. The people of this area are traditionally known to always be living well. The economy and the quality of life are above average in Aquitaine and Gascony. What this will mean to those on holidays is that they will enjoy a holiday of fine food and beautiful scenery. Of course there is a great amount of history to be gleaned from the Roman remains, ancient mills and antiquated technology.

Boating Holidays in Aquitaine and the surrounding areas is a holiday of luxury and relaxation where you can also visit the bustling market squares to find the freshest local produce and meats to take back to the boat and make a delicious, mouth watering meals for you and your family. The market squares will also hold many trinkets and tasty morsels for you to experience for the first time. If cooking is not your idea of a perfect holiday, you need not worry. There are plenty of waterside taverns, Choice of Boats pubs and cafes to sample the local, gourmet foods. Of course, there will be plenty of world class wines to choose from to wash the meal down.

Like many of the French regions, the lifestyle is laid back and non-hurried. Meals can take hours and no one is rushing from one point to another. Wine tasting is favourite activity in this area however it must be noted that the boating rules regarding alcohol are the same as the local driving rules that regard the consumption of alcohol. Certain waterways need the guidance of a pilot. The charge for this is small but necessary so plan ahead when booking your Boating Holidays in Aquitaine.

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