Boating Holidays in Belgium are a unique way to experience the country’sBoating Holidays in Belgium culture, history, and architecture by its canals and waterways at a pace set by you. By hiring a self drive canal boat, you will be in charge of where you go and how fast you travel to get there. Known for its handmade fine chocolate and other culinary treats, Belgium promises to be a wonderful holiday for any serious foodie fan. Bruges or better known as the Venice of the North is a popular town that many travellers gravitate toward. There is a medieval theme to the brick faced homes and other buildings found in the city. Some of the best of the country’s cuisine can be tasted here in Bruges. Museums of lace making and ale brewing are a popular spot for many tourists.

People on Boating Holidays in Belgium will often travel to the town of Ghent. Those travelling between Bruges and Ghent will notice that the prices in Gent are more reasonable than those in Bruges. This thriving city has tons of history and culture that will take any travellers several days to discover all of it. The botanical garden is definitely a worthwhile stop while it has over 7500 species of plants and flowers. For an incredible view of the city, be sure and take the family up the tower of Belfort. In the month of July, the Ghent summer festival takes place. This is the biggest festival in Europe with its attendance reaching over 1.5 people.

The Boating Holidays in Belgium are some of the best in Europe. There is always plenty to do, on and off the water. Travelling by boat during the summer festival might be an easier mode of transport than any other. If the size of the crowd is over whelming or you just need a break from all the festivities, having a boat moored along the canal will be a wonderful convenience.

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