Boating Holidays in CheshireDuring the industrial revolution lots of canals were built in Cheshire to transport raw materials between towns. These canals now combine to make the famous Cheshire Ring which is a circular route of ninety seven miles. Boating holidays in Cheshire are very popular because of this extensive canal network. To complete the whole of the ring will take around two weeks but there are a number of starting and stopping places so you can hire a boat for as little as a couple of days.

The route is very varied and you will pass through urban landscapes and beautiful countryside. You canAmazing Places to Discover on the Canal Boat stop off in the middle of Chester and do a bit of shopping and sightseeing. Visit Chester Zoo which is almost as famous for its plants as it is its animals. The zoo has won a number of awards for its horticultural displays and it covers an area of one hundred and ten acres. If you want to park up and stretch your legs the Trans Pennine Trail and the Dane Valley are excellent for walking and cycling.

Boating Holidays in Cheshire are great fun for the whole family. They are also good for groups of friends as everyone can participate in steering the boat and negotiating the locks. Do not worry if you have never Enjoy the Slow Pace of Boating Breaks in Cheshirebeen on a boat before as full training is given before you set off on your adventure. Drift along at around four miles per hour and admire the views across the Cheshire Plains and the Peak District. Pull over and visit a waterside pub for a refreshing pint and an excellent meal.

Boating holidays in Cheshire make a welcome change from the normal two weeks lying on a crowded beach. This holiday is about being on the boat and not getting to a specific destination. Just set off and see where you end up. This is a holiday that is made for fun and relaxation. After a boating holiday in Cheshire you will feel totally rejuvenated and refreshed.

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