Boating Holidays in the UK

Boating Holidays in the UKWhen taking Boating Holidays in the UK, you will find that you have a wide choice available to you. From boating on the Norfolk Broads, to sailing along one of the country’s many canals, the choices are endless. Boating holidays are not limited to the canals though, one of Scotland’s many lochs also offers a great deal of choice when it comes to Boating Holidays in the UK.

The Norfolk Broads are one of the most famous boating areas in the UK. With hundreds of miles of Choose from a Range of Boatyardswaterways and many towns where you can stop and sightsee, stock up on supplies or simply go for a walk. If you want a more structured break you can opt for a canal system like the Cheshire Ring, a circular network of canals in the North-West of England. Boating Holidays in the UK can also take in locations such as the Lake District, with many lakes to choose from.

Choose from a Range of Boating Holidays in the UK

The type of boat available also varies, with some people opting for the traditional narrow boat when on a canal break, or others opting for cruisers when on the lakes or the Broads. These can sleep up to 10 or more people, so you should not think that boats are too small for a holiday. Many are spacious and have everything you need to make it a home from home.

Enjoy Sailing the Canals and RiversThe Boating Holidays in the UK makes the ideal break if you want to get away from it all. When you are boating you are not bound by anybody else’s schedule and can go at your own pace. You are not obliged to be in a certain place at a certain time. You do not have to worry about noisy neighbours or your children’s noise disturbing anybody else. Boating offers you a freedom that allows you to forget work and other worries so you can completely recharge your batteries. 

It is now possible to enjoy spending time off in many different waterways and the breaks can be taken from around the beginning of March through to the end of November.  With some excellent value holidays and breaks to choose from the Boating Holidays in the UK have become a top holiday choice.

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