Boating Holidays Thames The Thames offers the perfect place for you to take a boating holiday, with the River running through some of the most magnificent countryside and best locations you can take in all the sites.  The Boating Holidays on the Thames can be taken from a number of different boat yards so you can pick and choose exactly where you would like to take your holiday from.

There are three main boatyards one in the North of the River Thames which is the Oxfordshire Narrowboats at Radcot, Crown Blue Line at Benson and the Guildford Boat House near to Guildford.  Each one of these boatyards gives you the opportunity to explore the great River Thames and enjoy a special relaxing break on the waterways. 

Boating Holidays Thames - Choice of Boats and Sizes There is a range of boats for you too chose from at each of the boatyards and they all give you excellent on board facilities, comfortable sleeping areas and great amenities to ensure you have an excellent and hassle free boating holiday.  The Boating Holidays on the Thames provide you with a variety of different boats, from some of the boat yards you will be hiring narrowboats and others you can hire cruisers, whichever you choose they will be well maintained and you will soon be home from home on board.

The prices of Boating Holidays on the Thames vary depending on where you are going and what time of year you are taking your holiday.  In general you will be paying anywhere from £500 – £2500 for a week away (depends on size of boat), this works out at great value per person per night accommodation and you get a brilliant and different break to and the larger boats can sleep upwards of 8 people.

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