Boating on the Norfolk Broads If you are looking to get away on holiday and are considering the waterways of the UK then the Norfolk Broads come highly recommended.  Boating on the Norfolk Broads has long since been something that people have enjoyed and it is not just because the boats are fantastic but you also get the wonderful countryside, great wildlife and much more from the holiday.  If you are going away as a family or a group of friends you can hire a wide range of boats that will sleep up to 12 people and these can be hired from a great number of boatyards.

The Boating on the Norfolk Broads takes in a wide range of places and there is hundreds of miles of canal and river for you to navigate and with this much water you will find each holiday gives you something different.  If you have been to the area before then you may wish to consider trying to hire a boat from a different boatyard and take in an alternative route.  Just some of the boatyards in Norfolk you can choose from include:-

  1. Beccles
  2. Oulton Broad
  3. Wroxham

Great Selection of Boats There are many more as well, so with so much choice you can be sure you will find the perfect holiday just waiting for you.  The broads are easy to navigate as there are no locks to worry about and you can be setting sail in a short space of time after some basic tuition to get you on your way.  So why do so many people enjoy Boating on the Norfolk Broads? Some part of it is the superb surroundings you will pass through with fantastic river side pubs and restaurants, quaint little towns and villages and some of the rarest and most beautiful plants and wildlife.  There is also plenty of history, culture and some superb places to sit back and simple relax and let the world just pass you by, the boating holidays have to be some of the most relaxing holidays you can try.

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