Broads Cruiser HolidaysIf you are considering a holiday in Norfolk then Broads Cruiser Holidays might just add a unique touch to your getaway. The Norfolk Broads are well known for attracting those wishing to take to the waterways and enjoy the freedom that this type of holiday offers. Is could be due to a number of reasons, not last of which is the amazing scenery and the laid back atmosphere of the area. There are miles and miles of waterways in and around the Norfolk Broads. You can tour through some really sweet villages with traditional thatched roof cottages and an old world feel about them, or alternatively you can head towards larger towns and take in the shopping and restaurants that they have to offer.

What is There to Do on a Norfolk Boating Holiday?

While on your Broads Cruiser Holidays you do not have to spend all the time on board the boat. You can spend the evenings attending a theatre show or you could even choose to spend the night in a bed and Enjoy the Stunning Scenerybreakfast or hotel instead of sleeping on the boat, the choice is entirely yours.

If you have a large family or a group of friends then it might be worth considering the Norfolk Broads boating holidays as a way to spend your free time together.  As you are paying for the cost of the boat hire and not per person, getting out on the water can be a relatively cheap but fun experience.

If you are new to boating holidays then when you hire the boat full instructions will be given. You will be advised of any areas to avoid, those that may be too shallow to safely take a boat or those areas that might not be easy to navigate for a novice sailor. You will also be provided with safety equipment such as on board fire extinguishers and life jackets. Safety is of the utmost importance and if you have any questions prior to departure then don’t be afraid to ask.

Where to Start Your Short Break or Holiday?

Choose from a Wide Range of BoatsThere are plenty of areas to start your Broads Cruiser Holidays or short breaks, and you need to decide on which part of the Norfolk Broads you would most like to visit.  One of the most popular regions is Wroxham and this is a central point of the broads that will allow you to discover loads of different areas and choose which routes you would most want to discover.  There are lots of boatyards in this area as well and from these you can choose a boat that fits your every need and the correct size.

There are of course other areas as well and the areas that include Horning, Hickling and Acle are all very popular as well.  Therefore if you really want to see the broads you have loads of options of where you start your holiday.

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