Canal Boat Breaks Avon Traverse the fine waterways of Avon River in England through the wide selection of Canal Boat Breaks Avon. Your holiday will surely be momentous with the multitude of delights to see and leisure activities to do while sailing, cruising or boating in the Avon River. The most famous boating destination of all the sojourning visitors of England is the Upper Avon River, located in the central England and flows generally southwest, through Stratford-upon-Avon and passes into the Severn River of Tewkesbury. The season is mild for most of months of the year that is why the river remains calm and navigable. You do not have to worry because the boat owners also provide complete set of boating facilities and safety gadgets. There are also lecture-discussions, hands-on learning and structured activities for you to learn how to navigate your own boat.

The Canal Boat Breaks Avon will transport you to the most beautiful places and vistas of England. Upon sailing at the Upper Avon River, you will be delighted by the beguiling and varied landscapes on Relaxing Canal Boat Breaks in Avonthe horizon – abundant floras and faunas, hilly terrains, lush of green plains and antiquated villages. The trip to Upper Avon River becomes a jam-packed  learning adventure once you cross the house of the English playwright William Shakespeare on Henley Street in Stratford-upon-Avon. The house is well-preserved and beautifully decorated with the glittering lights and ornaments. You could layover in the riverside villages to explore its rich custom and antiquity. Nearby the house of Shakespeare is the brick and timbered cottage of Anne Hathaway, wife of William Shakespeare. The cottage and houses of Shakespeare are well visited by all the sojourners around the world.

Only miles away from the birthplace of Shakespeare is the Shakespeare Centre floating on the river. It includes a library, an art gallery and a museum of the obra maestras of the master playwright. It also shelters the Royal Shakespeare Theatre where his plays are performed during annual festivals. Truly, the Canal Boat Breaks Avon does not only transport you to its scenic nature, but moreover to its erstwhile chronicle and memoir.

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