Canal Boat Hire at Haywood Junction A Canal Boat Hire at Haywood junction is often the starting point of many boating holidays. The Haywood Junction is where the Trent and Mercy Canal and the Stafford and Worcestershire Canal meet at the village of Great Haywood in England. The Haywood Junction is a great place to connect one waterway to another and a great place to stock up on supplies. The Stafford and Worcestershire canal consists of 12 locks and is mainly one boat wide. There are not any towns or villages to stop at but there is a vast amount of England’s countryside to admire. The locks on this canal are operated by lockkeepers.

The Trent and Mersey Canal runs about 150 kilometres long and is known as a narrow canal hosting boats with a maximum birth of just over 2 meters wide. If you are starting your Canal Boat Hire at Haywood Junction you will most likely hire a boat that is made to fit down the narrow sections of the canal. Once you make it east of Burton upon Trent the canal doubles in width for larger vessels.

In 1777, the Trent and Mersey Canal was built to lead all kinds of today’s boat hires at Haywood Junction toward several different waterways. You can pick up the River Mersey, Bridgewater Canal, or Preston Brook just to name a few.

The Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal runs 74 kilometres and is another narrow canal. This canal was slated for decommissioning back in 1959 but a group of volunteers came together to save the historical canal. The restoration maintained as much as the original historical significance as possible. In 1969, just ten years later, the canal was deemed a conservation area for preserving the natural ecosystem and the wildlife that is reflected all along the canal. Starting your Canal Boat Hire at Haywood Junction can take you toward some peaceful and amazing destinations.

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