Canal Boat Hire from Autherley Junction is a truly beautiful and unique  holiday. The scenic canal offers a fantastic view during any season that offers boat operation. The Canal Boat Hire Autherley JunctionAutherley Junction is the named place where one canal ends and meets another. The Shropshire Union Canal ends where the Autherley Junction begins, meeting with the Staffordshire and Worcestershire Canal.

Canal Boat Hire from Autherley Junction requires the use of locks called stop locks. Stop locks are a very small drop from one level to another, usually about a couple dozen centimetres or so, which is generally a very simple process. This makes Autherley Junction one of the easiest canals to operate and navigate. The canal is rather slim, and many boats have to fit specific measurements in order to fit safely down the canal. Passing vessels can be an interesting experience. The boating companies will give you all the necessary information you are going to need to learn how to navigate the narrow confines when Comfortable Canal Boats other boats are present in the canal. Due to the relaxed pace of the canal travel lifestyle, you can often ask the locals questions about the local rules, the local flavour, and the local eateries.

Families and couples can find a real and beautiful holiday break along the Autherley Junction and the surrounding canals and there are lots of places to get your Canal Boat Hire from Autherley Junction. There is a grand scale of natural surroundings that combine with stops for your creature comforts along the way. When you book your holiday, make sure you ask the boating company about its policies on deposits, grocery orders, and departure procedures. This way you can be completely prepared to embark directly on your holiday once you arrive at the boat company. A little bit of planning makes this holiday nearly completely stress free.

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