Canal Boat Hire From Napton NarrowboatsA great choice of holiday in the modern climate is to go for canal boat hire from Napton Narrowboats because they offer the holidaymakers something different, and new, which they most probably won’t have experienced before.

Hiring a boat and sailing down a canal would not be considered to be a “normal” holiday by most people, but with the recession going on many people are struggling to afford to fly abroad every year and they are now looking to go on holiday in their own country and maybe try something out of the ordinary. Something exactly like a boating holiday and all who try them love them! It is because of this that every year more people choose to go on a boating holiday and they are a quickly growing craze within the United Kingdom.

Canal Boat Hire from Napton Narrowboats is based at the Napton Marina which is located in the county of Warwickshire at a main junction of two great (and very popular) canals, the Grand Union and the Oxford canal which are both great routes to travel down on a leisurely cruise to relax.

Enjoy the Great Waterways from the BoatyardThe Napton Marina is conveniently placed to offer the holidaymaker a wide range of great routes which they can go along on their hired boat, so people can go on a wide range of voyages depending on what they are after, whether it be a few days of peace on a lonely and small canal in the countryside, or a week long expedition through the country, passing through towns and countryside alike.

There are a huge range of boats available via canal boat hire from Napton Narrowboats, which come in a wide range of styles. Some of them are very old fashioned and rustic, which is the way some people like it because their holiday can then take them into the past, away from the pressure modern life puts on people. Others are modern and built for comfort and convenience while travelling down the canals, so no matter who is hiring the boat and for what purpose, there truly is a boat to suit everyone out there so that their holiday can be the best possible!

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