Canal Boat Hire in BrittanyBrittany is a beautiful area in the west of France.  The countryside is wonderful as is the historic towns and villages dotted around this region.  Canal boat hire in Brittany is a great way to see the sites and have lots of fun whilst doing it.   The boats mostly used for canal journeys are known as motor yachts and they are similar to what you would find on the Norfolk Broads in the UK.  They are very comfortable and luxurious and you will find they are home from home and offer plenty of creature comforts.

Boating Holidays in Brittany are a Great Self Catering Choice

You do not need a licence to travel on the canals and rivers but you do need some basic instruction.  This is given at the point of departure and a couple of hours after arriving you will be on your way.

The boats are light, spacious and airy and they are fitted out with all the modern conveniences to make this holiday very enjoyable.  There is a fully equipped galley and the living area is tastefully furnished, and often the boats can sleep between two and ten Explore the Canals and Rivers in Brittanypeople very comfortably, and bed linen is provided.  The cost of the boat varies as to the size and length of time you require it for.  Take a short break for a couple of days or do a longer cruise lasting around two weeks.

“Great Fun for all the Family on the Boating Breaks in Brittany”

Canal Boat Hire in Brittany will provide fun for the whole family. One of the most popular routes is along the Canal De Nantes a Brest, which is two hundred and five kilometres long.  The starting point is usually Redon then you can decide how long you wish to go boating for.

Hire Fantastic Self Catering BoatsA typical trip is Redon, Gacill, Malestroit, Josselin and return along the same route. This will take one week and will pass through thirty locks. You can extend this to a two-week cruise if you so wish. Gacilly is very beautiful with its reed beds filled with eels. Fishing is allowed but you need a permit. Josselin has lots of picturesque castles and the views are breath taking.

Redon is known as the Venice of the west and is only three hours away from Paris.  Canal boat hire in Brittany is a holiday with a difference. Relax as you meander along and stop off and sample some of the famous French food and wine.

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