Canal Boat Hire in Congleton is a boating holiday floating down the south east Cheshire waterways. This is a unique and sometime cheaper way to experience the United Kingdom. Imagine taking a holiday and having your hotel room follow you wherever you go. There are many festivals taking placeCanal Boat Hire in Congleton in the summer and by taking a holiday on a canal boat you do not have to worry about finding a place to stay or a means of travel to get there. You will able to arrive at the waterside, moor your canal boat, and explore the towns and villages at will. Congleton has a Food and Drink Festival every year in the month of June. These 6 to 7 days of festivities should not be missed as the locals celebrate their cultural gastronomy.

You can then carry on your holiday down the waterways of the south east Cheshire. There are tons of historical landmarks and natural beauty to be explored. Many people feel this is the only way to explore the English countryside. You can always travel to Middlewich and take part in the Folk and Boat Festival that is held annually. A self drive Canal Boat Hire in Congleton means that you determine how long you stay at any destination and when you want to leave.

Beautiful Scenic Routes If you have never experienced a Canal Boat Hire in Congleton and are not sure that this is something that you and your family will enjoy, there is the option a hiring a canal boat for a day or half a day to try out the boat and experience the waterways. If you decide that you want to hire a canal boat for a week, the money that was charged for the one day will be added to the weekly tuition. So with nothing to lose, considering a canal boat hire for your annual holiday.

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