Choose the Canal Boat Hire in England & Explore the Stunning Waterways and Canals

The canal boat hire in England provides a fantastic alternative to the usual two weeks on a crowded beach. Forget about the stress of flight delays and queuing up at check in. A short drive and a little bit of instruction and you are on your way. The boats are easy to operate and everyone can have a go at steering and operating the locks. This is a holiday where everyone gets involved.

There are canals all over England as they were the highways and byways of the Industrial Revolution. You can take a journey which will last a couple of days or one that is long distance and can last for three weeks. You will pass through woodland, gorgeous countryside and through the middle of cities. An excellent long distance route is the Cheshire Ring which gives stunning views of the Cheshire Plains and goes through the middle of Manchester. Canal Boat Hire in England provide you with a very diverse view of the country.

Some of the other popular areas for enjoying a boating holiday in the UK include:-

      1. The Grand Union Canal
      2. Kennet and Avon Canal
      3. River Thames and Wey
      4. Oxford and Midlands Canal
      5. and many more
Stunning Locations Across EnglandThe boats are able to sleep up to eight people so this is a great way to spend time with your family or with a group of friends. This is a holiday that is about being on the boat and not getting to a specific destination. You can sit on deck and watch the world drift slowly by. One day you can be surrounded by stunning countryside and the next be in the middle of London. Along the way you can stop off at a waterside pub and have a refreshing drink and a nice bite to eat. After a short break you are back on your way again and heading off for another adventure on the waterways.
Canal boat hire in England are made for relaxing and unwinding. There is no better way to recharge your batteries and rejuvenate yourself. The stresses of everyday life will soon be forgotten as you take to the water. Try a holiday with a difference this year and see places you did not know even existed.

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