Canal Boat Hire in Whittington is a perfect romantic getaway for just the two of you. This holiday will give you and that someone special a chance to see Canal Boat Hire in Whittington the United Kingdom from a unique perspective and provide as much seclusion as you may need. A canal boat can hold up to 6 adults so you will have more than enough room to stretch out and enjoy each other. The route should be carefully considered prior to disembarking on your journey. The locks take two adults to operate so if your partner is not into working a little on the holiday, another route might be considered. There are waterways without locks, which have locks that are manned by lockkeepers or locks that are automated so there are other options available.

A Canal Boat Hire in Whittington will allow you to stop and have a romantic dinner along the waterside taverns and inns. Or you can shop at the marketplace for the ingredients of a homemade romantic dinner for two. The boat comes equipped with a fridge and freezer, oven, stove and all the Shropshire Boating Holidays crockery that you will need. Some canal boats come with a sundeck so the two of you can dine al fresco, sunbathe or spend a romantic evening under the stars.

You can moor a canal boat just about anywhere as long as you do not block the traffic of the waterway. There are many beautiful scenic spots to moor your boat and just enjoy the company of your companion. You can easily spend your entire holiday on the boat and not get off until the end. However, there are many worthwhile historical landmarks to visit and villages to experience together. Whatever you choose, a Canal Boat Hire in Whittington can be the start of a beauty holiday for two.

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