Canal Boat Holiday Take life easy and get yourself one of the superb Canal Boat Holiday breaks and see for yourself just how fantastic time away on the waterways can be.  There is thousands upon thousands of miles of canal network for you to enjoy and as you pass by the superb countryside and the wonderful villages, towns and cities you will be transformed to another world.  The pace of life on the canal network is very gentle and with the boats moving along at three to four miles per hour all you need to do is either enjoy your time at the wheel (or rudder end) or just sit back and let the world pass you by.

There are plenty of boatyards for you to enjoy in the UK and the Canal Boat Holiday choice is booming as more and more people look to enjoy this type of holiday.  The boat yards once you hire them will give you a small amount of tuition before you set sail and then you are free to explore at your leisure the Wide Choice of Locations waterways from your boatyard.  Depending on how long you are going away for and where you are going will reflect in the distance you can travel, on a three or four night break you will be able to travel a shorter distance than on a seven night or more break.

The Canal Boat Holiday provide you with a wide choice of boats and you can choose from small crafts that can sleep 3 people right up to the larger boats that can sleep up to 10 or more people.  So if you are going away with your family or friends you will find a boat that has plenty of room for you.

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