Canal Boat Holidays in ItalyWhen it comes to Canal Boat Holidays in Italy, many people will be thinking of Venice. There are certainly opportunities to explore Venice by boat, although the majority of boats there are commercial vessels, but there are plenty of other areas which are available to those who want to take Canal Boat Holidays in Italy.

The Idrovia Ferrarese is a stretch of water which runs for 70 km. It is located in the region of Ferrara and links the river Po to the Adriatic Sea. The stretch of water is very popular with those who enjoy sailing. The water way links to several other canals and rivers so it makes it easier to explore different areas of Italy. The routes will take you through some of the most beautiful countryside that Italy has to offer and the chance to explore some of the medieval hilltop towns in the area should not be missed.

For a great deal of diversity on Canal Boat Holidays in Italy, the Litoranea Veneta offers a large network Enjoy the Wonderful Weather and Picture Postcard Locationsof canals and rivers, much of which is navigable by boat. Until recent years these were mainly used for commercial purposes. Along this network, sailors can explore a number of historical monuments, so is the perfect area for those who are looking for a tranquil atmosphere and the opportunity to recharge the batteries.

The Navigli system is located in the Lombardy region and the Pavese canal connects the cities of Pavia and Milan, making it a good route for those who want to experience both city life and the beautiful countryside of Italy. The canal was closed to traffic for a long time but work has recently started to bring it back to its former glory and work will begin to connect Venice to Switzerland using this canal.

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