Canal Boat Holidays in StaffordshireStaffordshire is a very popular place to spend a few days or weeks on a holiday, getting away from everything back at home and relaxing in the famous county, full of heritage and history.  Canal boat holidays in Staffordshire are a great way to spend a few days, floating down the many canals and rivers which run through the county and there are lots of marinas for holidaymakers to choose between when looking to rent out their boat.

Miles of Stunning Waterways to Enjoy

The range of boats which can be rented out is amazing, from the old fashioned ones which look like they have just come off a postcard, to the ones which look like they cost more than a house. But all of them offer great experiences for all who sail upon them.

Canal Boat Holidays in Staffordshire give people a chance to see the county in a way which they might have never seen it before. Because the county was once so industrial, especially with the works of famous pottery makers such as Wedgewood, there are many old potters to see along the routes which can be sailed down, offering a fascinating new insight into the history of the county and the pottery capital of the world.

There are also a lot of small villages which can be stopped off at to stock up on supplies or to wander round the quaint towns for a day. As well as there towns and villages there are riverside pubs dotted Majestic Waterways in Staffordshirealong the canals where travellers can stop for a meal before setting back off down the waters once more.

Staffordshire also has miles of countryside for the holidaymakers to see and enjoy as they sail down the peaceful canals. The canals and rivers are well out of the way from any major roads and barely any cars can reach most parts of the canals which makes canal boat holidays in Staffordshire a great way to forget about modern life and just relax with no worries. The only people that can be seen while sailing on the waters are cyclists and walkers out enjoying the day’s sunshine.

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