Canal Boat Holidays UKThe UK has a fantastic network of canals making it a wonderful place for a canal boating holiday. The canals were built during the Industrial Revolution to transport goods such as cotton and coal and as a result you can find canals that pass through old mill towns, through urban city scapes and also through rolling countryside and ancient woodland. Canal boat holidays in the UK are available all year round and in most parts of England, Scotland and Wales.

Lovely Canal Boats for Hire in the UK

The boats are surprisingly spacious and can sleep between two and eight people common place, and from some boatyards you can find ones to sleep ten to twelve people. On board there is a fully equipped galley, a shower room and toilet and open plan living space…..making this a true home from home.

You can make this a totally self-catering holiday if you wish but it is a nice treat to stop off at one of the many waterside pubs and have an excellent meal and a well deserved drink. The boats are easy to operate and you will be given full training before you set off on your journey, so novices need not fear as you will soon be fully capable of steering the boat. Everyone can join in on the Canal Boat Holidays UK, from steering the boat to helping with the negotiating of the locks.

Enjoy the Peace, Quiet and TranquilityThere are numerous routes you can take on a canal boating holiday. The Caledonian Canal travels across Scotland from the North Sea to the Irish Sea and passes through Loch Ness, and this is a popular route with some magnificent scenery. The Grand Union Canal links Birmingham to London so you get to see some fantastic countryside and also spend time in the city.

A very popular route is the Cheshire Ring, which is a number of Stop Off and Enjoy the Beautiful Countryside Viewsinterlinking canals that take in Manchester, Chester and the beautiful Cheshire Plains. The good thing about a canal boat holiday is that you can be enjoying the scenic countryside one day and be having a big night out in one of the UK’s major cities the next.

Canal boat holidays in the UK are about being on the boat and not about getting to a particular destination. You will get to see many places along the way but the real adventure is being on the canal boat. Meander along at about four miles per hour and enjoy the stunning scenery that is all around you. Take in the lovely fresh air and relax.

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