Canal Boat Holidays WeyIf you are thinking of taking Canal Boat Holidays in Wey then this is really one of the waterways that you should consider for a relaxing break, weekend or holiday. There are several options to choose from when it comes to stopping points and even if you can only take a short break you can cover a lot of ground and plan your holiday to suit your own tastes.

If you just have 3 or 4 days for Canal Boat Holidays in Wey there is so much to offer. This length of holiday will allow you to sail the full length of the River Wey. This will take you through towns such asStunning Canal Boats for Hire Guildford, Weybridge, Pyrford and Godalming. These are nice places to spend a few hours and do a bit of shopping, although there are other attractions such as parks and stately homes if you want to have a relaxing day out.

If you have a week to spare you can also take in part of the River Thames, which is connected to the River Wey, where you can take the time to sail as far as Windsor, where you can visit the castle or Windsor Great Park, or even go to Hampton Court Palace, another important place in the history of the nation’s monarchy. Children might Wide Range of Boats to Hirefind that a little boring, so there is always Thorpe Park adventure park. As well as the rides, there is a farm area and a lake and visitors get the chance to have some fun.

For some of those taking Canal Boat Holidays in Wey there is the chance for a longer break. A break of 10 days or longer gives you the chance to sail as far as Byfleet and then onto the Basingstoke Canal. Alternatively you can sail to Henley or Oxford for shopping and sightseeing. Those who choose to take in waterways other than the River Wey should be aware that extra permits may be required.

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