Canal Boat RentIf you are considering a holiday on Britain’s waterways then you might be thinking that Canal Boat Rent is rather expensive but when you take a closer look, you will find that a canal boat holiday is actually very reasonable.

The cost of a canal boat holiday is actually calculated on the hire of the boat, not per person. There are very few canal boat hire companies that charge per person, so in this respect it is like hiring a cottage for a few days. You can take the whole family but the actual basic cost of the holiday is no more than if you were to just take one other person with you.

Explore the Hundreds of Miles of Canal NetworkAlso included in the cost of your boat hire is usually all the health and safety equipment that you may need on your holiday, so you will not be billed extra for items such as life jackets and the safety demonstration provided by the boat hire company.

The Canal Boat Rent boat you choose for your holiday will be equipped with everything you might need from bedding to crockery and kitchen utensils. Some boat hire companies will include towels while others might expect you to bring your own. Luxury items will also be included in the cost of your boat hire, such as CD and DVD Wide Choice of Boats from Many Boatyardsplayers. The boats are finished to a high standard and will have all the comforts of home such as carpets, curtains and hot and cold running water.

When you are on a boating holiday you should be aware that there may be some things that there will be a small extra charge for. Some groups – such as all male or all female groups – may be asked for a security deposit against possible damage with the Canal Boat Rent. Many boat hire companies will allow pets on board and you may be asked for a deposit for each pet, but this varies and it is worth checking in advance exactly what is included in the cost of your hire.

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