Canal Boat Short Breaks Oxford The center of the walled medieval city, Oxford lies in the south central England near the confluence of Thames and the Cherwell Rivers. The city is popular as the base of the University of Oxford, one of the oldest and best universities in the world. But more than being a seat of the aforesaid university, Oxford has so many things to daunt to all the travelers and tourists of the world. This city is also the home for the beautiful and varied panoramas – steep vales, sea of green hills, chalk of mountains, fine seas, fishing streams and lavish floras. Take a clear grasp of all the hidden treasures of Oxford by renting one of the Canal Boat Short Breaks Oxford. It will certainly transport you to the many idyllic sites of this city.

One of the most popular boating destinations of Oxford is the Thames River. It is the major river of Southern England that flows through London before emptying into the North Sea. Cruising on the waterways of Thames is almost tantamount to an expedition to all parts of the world, because of the varied natural landscapes and picturesque of avant-gardism that Canal Boat in Oxford will welcome you. You will be enthralled by the overlooking view of the Palace of Westminster in front of the Westminster Bridge; the site of the Roman’s first crossing point. At your back is the Lambeth Palace, the residence of the Archbishop of Canterbury, and bordering at your side is the South Bank Centre arts complex and the London Eye. All of these architectural gems truly add to your luxurious boating trip. There is nothing you could ask for a seamless holiday but a reservation from the Canal Boat Short Breaks Oxford!

After a whole day trip, you could have an alfresco dining to the riverside restaurants, public houses and mini cafes. Most of them offer local cuisines and delicacies so you could taste the real flavour of the Oxford. But if you want an international dish, you could drop by to the big restaurants in the nearby city.  Reserve a Canal Boat Short Breaks Oxford now!

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