Canal Boat Holidays Cheshire RingCanal Boating Holidays Cheshire Ring offers a stunning holiday treat for you and your travel companions whether that is family or friends or  indeed both. You will certainly enjoy the waterways while discovering the whole area of Cheshire and beyond. The circular route is great and there are many areas to discover including the Ashton and Rochdale Canals and many more. As you go along you can be take in all the history and heritage of Manchester and many other areas, and you can also enjoy the wonderful moorland along the edge of the Macclesfield Canal and so much more.

The Canal Boating Holidays Cheshire Ring is a really good way to discover the un-spoilt and beautiful parts of the North West of England that really cannot be found from anywhere else. When you continue along the Cheshire Ring you come across some amazing features such as the 16 locks at Marple, and the stunning Marple Aqueduct, plus all the thrills and excitement of tunnels, to reach Dukinfield and the junction with the Ashton and Huddersfield Narrow Canals.

Stunning Range of Boats A narrow boat gives you flexibility and freedom to come and go as you please and the self catering means you are free to enjoy your time off how you would like. You can moor the boat in lots of places and see many of the local attractions and sights while you are there, plus there is provision to take your bikes and explore further off the beaten track set off or go out and enjoy some glorious countryside walks.

The Canal Boating Holidays Cheshire Ring is more than simply hiring a boat. The canal boats are a great way to move about and see different areas and for you to get to explore places without having to worry about getting new accommodation every time, you have it all there with you for when you need it. Family, friends or just the two of you, it really doesn’t matter as there are loads of boats and lots of fun to be had.

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