Canal Boating HolidaysOne of the advantages of Canal Boating Holidays is that they can be enjoyed by almost anybody. Experienced sailors who can handle a boat on their own can enjoy a holiday of solitude, although routes that have locks can prove to be a little tricky. Elderly people will also enjoy a boating holiday as it gives them a chance to take life at a more leisurely pace. Children enjoy canal boat breaks as it is something new for them to try and it is certainly different from travelling everywhere by car.

Canal Boating Holidays are now so popular that an increasing number of people are thinking of purchasing their own boats and hiring a boat is a good way of finding out if this is the right decision for you. As there are many different types of boats available you might want to take a few holidays and try them all out before you splash out on a boat of your own.

Routes to Enjoy Across the UKHiring a boat can be one of the best ways to see the country and it can take you to all parts, from the busy cities to the national parks, so no matter what your preferred destination, a boating holiday could be the answer. Imagine taking a week off work to sail through some of the most beautiful countryside that Britain has to offer – you probably won’t want to go back to work at all!

There is no need for formal qualifications or a special license to hire one of the boats for the Canal Boating Holidays. Everything you need to know about driving a boat is taught to you by the hire company along with all the health and safety information that you need. Specialised safety equipment such as life jackets are supplied for every person sailing as well as fire extinguishers and other essentials.

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