Canal du Midi Boat Hire Canal du Midi is a canal in Southern France that links the Bay of Biscay to the Mediterranean Sea. It is well-known for the surrounding twenty small mountainous islands of Crozet with beautiful and varied landscapes. Although little floras and faunas occurs; there are numerous endangered species living in the Island. Canal du Midi Boat Hire will let you grasp the perfect view of these beautiful landscapes and well-preserved wilderness. With a wide selection of canal boats to choose from, you will surely be mesmerized as you cruise and explore around to the idyllic Southern France.

The climate of South of France is extremely humid and windy, but temperate that is ideal for boating, cruising and sailing. During the tremendous mistral of France, you will be prohibited to sail in the waterways because the powerful cold dry  Northeasterly wind may knocks you sideways. The mistral usually occurs in winter seasons were the wind from North blows heavily in the South of France. But you do not need to worry because summer season is longer than those times, you can perfectly unwind to all the boats of Canal du Midi Boat Hire whilst, you can splash in the water and dip for a perfect day-to-day cruise. Exciting Canal Boat RideOnce you sail in, the first destination that will greet you are the counties of Bilbao, Marseille, Logrono and Nice. You will be amazed with the skyscrapers in the Metropolis and the antiquated villages in the rural areas. Most of these regions have hilly terrains consist of glacier-covered plateau. Breathtaking view – the perfect picture!

When you pass these counties, it will lead to Garonne, the principal river of Southwestern France. It is surrounded by Pyrenees Mountains, the home of wild deer and other endangered species. The water of Garonne is navigable, allowing you to flows gently in its principal tributaries, the Tarn and Lot Rivers. There are more than fifty locks which control the canals, each have different and varied landscapes and delights to welcome you. Indeed, Canal du Midi Boat Hire will lead you to the most beautiful places of Southern France.

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