Canal Holidays UK

Canal Holidays UKCanal Holidays UK offers the holiday maker the chance for a unique getaway. There are many places you can go in order to hire a boat or a barge to spend your free time, and it is also a great way to see the countryside. Children will love to holiday on a boat as it is something unique and a completely different adventure to share with their school friends. Boating holidays also give added freedom as you can stop and start wherever you like and take the whole day at your own pace.

Book a Unique Trip with the Canal Holidays UK

Booking Canal Holidays UK can literally take you anywhere in UK. Boating holidays are not limited toAdmire the Stunning Views from the Canal Holidays peaceful countryside, it is also possible to tour large cities from the canals, and of course there are many places to moor up so sightseeing and shopping for those who want to will not be a problem.

Some of the cities you can visit include Manchester and Edinburgh and you get to experience the sights from a whole new perspective. Canal Holidays UK is perhaps one of the most relaxing ways to tour the countryside. You can hire you boat or barge for as little as a few hours to several weeks depending on the length of holiday you want. There are many great routes around the UK for you to experience. Some routes are more difficult than others and include many locks to navigate. Others are straightforward and are more suited to the novice boatman.

Take Your Pet on the Canal Holidays UK

Choose Canal Boats in Stunning LocationsYou can take your family pet on your boating holiday so all the family can stay together. For those who have never navigated the UK waterways before, full instructions will be given when you hire the boat. To get the most out of your Canal holiday moor up as often as time will allow and see the land based sights along the way. This helps to make the trip more memorable and you will want to explore and enjoy some time off again and again and again with the Canal Holidays UK.

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