Canal Holidays Yorkshire If you are into relaxing, taking it easy and seeing parts of the countryside you cannot see from anywhere else then you will enjoy taking one of the Canal Holidays in Yorkshire.  Yorkshire without doubt is one of the best places to be on the Canal, with such a superb and diverse countryside you will be able to enjoy sailing through and past the areas of Bradford and Leeds or head off towards Skipton and Blackburn to name just a few areas.

The Canal Holidays in Yorkshire are becoming more and more popular as people are looking for alternative holidays, and there is nothing better than being in charge of your own boat.  The main boatyard in the Yorkshire aCanal Boat Interiorrea where you can get your canal boats from is Silsden and with berths sleeping anywhere between 2 to 9 people there will be a boat for everyone.  In total there are seven cruising routes for you too choose from and these take in the best of the local areas and you can travel in comfort when you take on one of the Canal Holidays in Yorkshire.

All of the canal boats are superbly equipped with modern facilities to ensure your holiday is very comfortable.  You also get TV, DVD and Radio/CD to go with the well equipped kitchen areas.  Plus you can also take up to 2 pets on board some of the canal boats and there is parking for two vehicles at the boatyards.  A perfect holiday choice for families, groups of friends and couples to enjoy the breathtaking Yorkshire countryside.

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