Cheap Boat Holidays If you are on the look out for Cheap Boat Holidays in the UK and throughout Europe then you are in the right place.  Boating holidays have become very popular again and this has led to a large increase in the number of boatyards and the choice of boats you can hire, and there are some fantastic deals and offers for holidays throughout the season.  The boat holidays come in to main choices, the first is the canal boat holidays and the second are the river cruise breaks.

The Cheap Boat Holidays can be taken in various areas around the UK, generally you will find the canal boat holidays are on the canals in England and the lochs of Scotland and the river boat holidays are on the Norfolk Broads and rivers in England and Ireland.  Whether you choose to enjoy one of the Canal and River Boat Hire river boats or a canal boat you will find that all of them provide an excellent choice for your holiday and will give you a fantastic holiday experience.

The canal network in England has a variety of narrow boats which can sleep up to 12 people in the largest ones and these are ideal if you are going away with your friends or as a family group.  The same variety of choice is available when you hire one of the river boats and these are fantastic for cruising and the larger of the vessels can sleep up to 10 – 12 people as well.  If you want the Cheap Boat Holidays then you should consider going away off the peak season and enjoying your holiday or short break when the schools have gone back and it is quieter on the waterways.

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