Family Boating Holidays in CheshireThe family boating holidays in Cheshire are usually taken on the traditional narrow boat as they can sleep up to ten people and are easy to drive. After a short lesson you can be on your way on this great adventure. This is a holiday where the whole family can get involved with the operation of the boat and the negotiating of locks and have some fun along the way.

Narrow Boat Hire in Cheshire

The boat travels at a speed of around four miles per hour, which is the equivalent of a fast walking pace, so a leisurely holiday is really guaranteed. Travelling at this speed keeps you safe and allows you to take in the stunning scenery and beautiful wildlife. One of the major attractions of the boating holidays is you can get into areas that otherwise you would not be able to see.

Cheshire is particularly good for a boating holiday because of the famous Cheshire Ring, which consists of several interlinking canals over a distance of ninety-seven miles, and through ninety-two locks. You will pass through very diverse landscapes from inner city Manchester to the rolling Cheshire plains. Along the way you will see some great engineering feats such as the Anderton Boat Lift, the Barton Swing Aqueduct, the mile long Preston Tunnel and the Pontcysllte Aqueduct, which is one thousand feet long and stands one hundred and twenty feet above the river Dee.

Beeston Castle

Blue Planet AquariumFamily Boating Holidays in Cheshire transport you to many wonderful places as you meander along the beautiful waterways. You can visit Beeston Castle and get spectacular views from the top, and on a clear day it is said you can see over eight counties. The Blue Planet Aquarium is worth a visit and you can swim with a shark, if you dare, and this is somewhere the kids will love. Chester

Lovey Places Explore on the Boating Holidaysis a good place to visit with its wide array of shops, pubs and restaurants. Chester Zoo is excellent for the family and you can see over seven thousand animals.

You can be sure the family boating holidays in Cheshire have something to keep everyone entertained. The whole of the Cheshire Ring route takes around ten days to complete, but if you are pushed for time a boat can be hired for three days and you can do a there and back trip.

This is a holiday that is so different from any other type of break that the whole family will remember it for a very long time after it has ended.

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