French Canal Boat Holidays The country where you can find the highest masterpiece of wrought-iron technology, the Eiffel Tower in France that rise in the sky above Paris is one of the most famous architectural gems of the country. Tourists flock to Paris, France just to witness the breathtaking view of the Eiffel Tower. “Whatever the season,” written by French intellectual Roland Barthes. He described the Eiffel Tower as once the tallest building in the world, but it has now become the universal symbol of the city. Indeed, there is virtually no Parisian glance than the beguiling views from the Eiffel Tower. But more than this popular mark are the most beguiling and varied landscapes of France. For you to be able to see more of the stunning countryside of France, hire one of the French Canal Boat Holidays and explore the majestic sites and vistas of the simple France.

France is a nation of varied landscapes, ranging from coastal plains and lowland hills in the north, to the mountainous uplands in south central France, to the green vales and soaring snow-capped Alps in the east. Several major free flowing French Canal Waterways rivers and lakes constitute the natural borders of France, including the Seine, Loire, Garonne, and Rhone. The French Canal Boat Holidays offers wide selection of canal boats that will sojourn you to the historical sites and idyllic landscapes of the nation. Even though most of the places in France is highly urbanized; the milieu is still covered with tall trees and abundant floras and faunas. The artificial canals are perfectly designed for tourists boating, sailing and canoeing. When you cross to the numerous water locks and canal bases, you will discover the enchanting hill of the Massif Central, a large tableland that covers about 91,000 square kilometres of south central France. It constitutes of hills with deep river valleys. The most stunning river of France is the Dordogne River that adjoins the vast Atlantic Ocean.

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