Grand Union Canal Holidays The Grand Union Canal is one of the most famous of all the canals in the UK and it runs a long way down towards the Thames and connects to various other routes.  Depending on how long you plan for your Grand Union Canal Holidays you can have a really long and pleasant trip.  If you are heading North you can go past and through areas of outstanding beauty and you can connect and join on to other canal routes such as the Oxford Canal, Trent and Mersey Canal and the Stratford Canal.

The choices are really extensive and the only thing to remember is your canal boat you hire will only go at 3 – 4 miles per hour so getting back in time to drop your canal boat off is an important factor.  There are a number of boatyards for the Grand Union Canal Holidays and these can be perfect places to pick up your boat depending on where you live and where you want to start from.  The furthest south boatyard is the Gayton Boatyard in Choice of Boats and Locations Northamptonshire and this has a wide selection of boats for you too choose from.  From this location you can cruise either North or South and each route has something different to offer.  The boats from the Gayton Boatyard can sleep anywhere from 4 to 12 people so there is a really good choice that should suite most group and family sizes.

The two best boatyards if you are a little further north are the Rugby Boatyard and the Clifton Cruisers.  These are centrally located and you can enjoy spending time cruising the Grand Union Canal or you can check out the Oxford or the Stratford Canals the choice is yours.  Whichever of the boatyards you decide to hire from you will be given the route choices and you can navigate the route you decide you would prefer.  The Grand Union Canal Holidays are a great choice of break and you can go on a weekend, short break or main holiday and enjoy the best of times aboard the canal boats.

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