Holiday Boat Rentals in Norfolk

The Norfolk Broads consist of two hundred miles of rivers and in land waterways, making them an ideal location for a boating holiday. Holiday boat rentals in Norfolk are widely available and at varying costs. The most popular type of vessel on the Broads is the cruiser.

Relax on Stunning Holiday Boats for Hire

They can be hired from as little as half a day at a time to as long as you wish. You may not feel at home sleeping on a boat so you can stay in a local hotel or bed and breakfast and hire a boat on a daily bass. This is slightly more expensive than hiring a boat for a longer period of time.

The boats are very comfortable and most people do stay on board at night. The boats can sleep from
two to six people and they are fitted out with all the modern connivances you would expect to find in your own home. There is a fully equipped kitchen, flat screen television and DVD player, tasteful soft furnishings, spacious living area and a shower room and toilet.

Discover the Beauty of the Norfolk Broads

On most boats the roof can be rolled back so the younger children can play safely inside the boat, but still enjoy the fresh air. There is a sun deck for the adults and older children. This is a great place to sit and relax. Perhaps read a book or enjoy the wonderful scenery and wildlife as you slowly drift along. The Holiday Boat Rentals in Norfolk are all about having a fun and relaxing time.

As you travel along the waterways you will pass quaint villages and numerous waterside pubs. It is always worth stopping off to have a refreshing drink and possibly a bite to eat. If you want to have a night out on the town the moor up and head in to Norwich.

Norwich has a wonderful heritage, great shops and a vibrant nightlife. Then it is back to the peace and tranquillity of the boat. Holiday boat rentals in Norfolk are a splendid way to spend your time off work and a great way to unwind and enjoy yourself.

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