Luxury Canal Boat HolidaysWhen canal boat holidays are mentioned the assumption can be that they will be a bit rough and ready.  Cramped spaces, beds not big enough to lie down in, living spaces not high enough to stand up right in and showers with no room to turn round in are things that spring to mind.  This need not be the case. Luxury canal boat holidays are all about the finer things in life.  The luxury boats are the traditional wide beam bots that have much more space than the traditional narrow boat.

Fantastic Boating Across the UK

The amount of space on a luxury boat will amaze you. Dr Who’s tardis springs to mind. These boats can sleep two to eight people very comfortably. The bedrooms are spacious and some have four-poster beds.
The bed linen is provided and is of a very high quality.  There is a full sized bath, a hot tub and a fully equipped, luxury kitchen.  The living space is furnished to the highest of standards and is light and airy. On arrival some companies provide a starter pack of basic provisions plus wine, chocolates and flowers.  These boats are graded as five stars, which guarantees exceptional standards and cleanliness.

Enjoy Crusing the Waterways and Canals

Luxury Canal Boat Holidays are available for family gatherings, special celebrations and even honeymoons. With a little bit of training you can be off and on your way.  Travel at your own pace and go where you like when you like.  There are no constrictive rules like in a hotel and as you move from destination to
destination, you do not have to keep packing and unpacking your luggage.

As you float along admire the beautiful landscape and the diverse wildlife. Stop off at a waterside pub and enjoy a pint and a filling meal.  Luxury canal boat holidays are all about relaxation and having a good time.  There is everything on the boat you need for a very comfortable and enjoyable time.  This is the ultimate way to unwind and recharge your batteries in luxurious surroundings and stunning countryside.

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