Narrow Boat Holidays Avon “Sweet Swan of Avon! What a sight it was, to see thee in our waters yet appear, and make those flights upon the banks of Thames, That so did take Eliza, and our James!” Ben Jonson, an English playwright wrote this poem in memory of William Shakespeare. The whole poem talks about the scenic nature of Avon that was graced by the master playwright, Shakespeare. Avon River was the spectator for all the majestic maestros of Shakespeare; its waterways serve as the passage to discover the opulent history and life of this romanticist. The memoir of his struggle and success were deeply entrenched in the rivers of Avon. If you are a Shakespearean, you will surely fall in love wandering around the waterways of Avon. The Narrow Boat Holidays Avon will bring you back to the old memories of Shakespeare, which is still living in the heart of this county.

Visit the birthplace of William Shakespeare in the Stratford-upon-Avon. His house was turned to a museum exhibiting his life, struggles, success and magnum opus. There are also riverside theatre centres that were previously built which showcase all the novels and plays of Shakespeare. When you have crossed the Stratford-upon-Avon, you are headed to the Warwickshire. You will be mesmerized by the breathtaking view of the undulating terrain, traversing the Upper Avon River. Warwickshire is famous as the homeland of Anne Hathaway, wife of Shakespeare. Her cozy riverside cottage is the Cheap Narrow Boat Holidays Avon top tourist spot. The best final destination of your boating is the stunning Holy Trinity Church where Shakespeare was buried. His epitaph reads: “Good friend for Jesus sake forbear… To dig the dust enclosed here: Blese be ye man yt spares thes stone, And curst be he yt moves my bones.” Indeed, the Narrow Boat Holidays Avon will not only bring you to the splendid panoramas of the county, but moreover to its historical accounts which have touched many lives since the ancient times.

The Avon River is always waiting for you.  Reserve one of the Narrow Boat Holidays Avon for your seamless holiday and short break get away treat!

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