Narrow boat Holidays Clyde Canal Discover the splendid and the fine firth of Clyde with range of choices of Narrow boat Holidays Clyde Canal. This river that lies in the south central Scotland is notable for its beautiful and varied landscapes – soaring mountains, lush of green hills, steep vales, fine seas, free flowing rivers, and opulent faunas and floras.  The Clyde River rises as a mountain stream in the Lowther Hills and flows through the towns and cities of Lanark, Glasgow, Clydebank and Hamilton.  The river stretches to the beguiling Firth of Clyde and then plunge to the largest fall of Scotland. With all of these stunning sites to pass through, you are sure to get a seamless holiday or short break treat!

The Narrow boat Holidays Clyde Canal offers different types of boats and vessels. You could rent a narrow craft that is ideal for entering in the caves and lagoons of the river. The sea caves could accommodate up to three narrow crafts. The natural features and formations inside the cave are pieces of cake for all its sojourning visitors. The caves are ideal to visit during sunset and sunrise because it gives a romantic and vibrant feeling especially when the rays of the sun traverse to the small holes of the cave. The clear waters refract the light from the sun, giving a hue of orange and yellow colors to the surface of the water. Truly, an enchanting feeling! The Clyde Canal is navigable that you could even bring your rug rats with you on your trip. It was just prohibited to stay floating in the river and estuary during midnight because the currents of the water became agitated and unquiet.

While wandering in the waterways of Clyde, you could still do other leisure activities. From the source to the falls, the Clyde is a fishing stream. The Narrow boat Holidays Clyde Canal also offers complete set of fishing gadgets. You could catch your own fish and have them barbequed or cooked in the riverside restaurants and public houses for an alfresco banquet. Rent your narrow boats now in Clyde!

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