Narrow Boat Short Breaks South of France Explore the Southern Coast of France and discover the beguiling landscapes of this region. The Narrow Boat Short Breaks South of France will transport you to the many idyllic and splendid places of this region, providing you with a luxurious treat in the navigable waterways. South of France enjoys temperate climate with longer sunny days that is very ideal for outdoor activities like boating and cruising. With wide selection of narrow boats to choose from, you could certainly find a boat suit to you tastes, needs and lifestyle. All of the boats are fully furnished with the facilities that you need while wandering in the rivers and lakes of South of France. There are also fishing and swimming equipments if you would like to go fish or swim for a while. All the boats have telephones and maps or compass to guide you with your trip.

The Rhone River that is located in the Camargue on the southern coast of France is the most popular boating destination of all the visitors. The Narrow Boat Short Breaks South of France in the Camargue provides a stunning view of the Camargue Regional Park. The park is covered with lush of green plants and trees. You will be mesmerized once you cross Cosy and Fine Dining Experience in France Boat Hires this Regional Park because its brine lagoons provide habitats for many endangered birds, including the very charming flamingo. You could always drop by in the park to stroll to the nearby villages and market towns. There are also riverside restaurants, public houses and mini cafes where you could have an alfresco dining for your gustatory satisfaction. They offer traditional cuisines for you to taste the real flavour of the region. The riverside restaurants also give you the chance to catch your own fish and have them barbequed or cooked with spices and flavourings.

Indeed, Narrow Boat Short Breaks South of France makes a unique holiday and weekend treat for you and your travel buddies. You will surely enjoy all the moments you spend in boating and cruising, and will make you wish to savour the same experience over and over again.

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