Narrowboat Hire Cheshire RingIf you are considering Narrowboat Hire Cheshire Ring then you will find that the experience is one you will never forget. If you have never sailed the Cheshire Ring before then you will see several popular tourist attractions en-route such as the Anderton Bot Lift. There is plenty of opportunity of visiting land based sights too.

Some time away on the Cheshire Ring means sailing, either in whole or in part any of the 6 different canals that make up the ring. These are the Ashton Canal, Peak Forest Canal, Macclesfield Canal, Trent and Mersey Canal, Bridgewater Canal and the Rochdale Canal. There are several starting points and your journey can be as long or as short as you please.

You may decide that Narrowboat Hire Cheshire Ring just takes in a few sights, and lasts a couple of days, alternatively your boat hire can last several weeks. With narrowboat hire you have the flexibility to moor up whenever you like, and spend as Stunning Cheshire Waterways to Explorelong as you please on land based activities before starting again on your journey. You have the option of spending overnight on the boat, or if you feel like a change along route you can stop at one of many bed and breakfast facilities along the way.

The Narrowboat Hire Cheshire Ring route takes you through Manchester which is an excellent place for shopping if you decide you want to do that. It also takes in many peaceful villages that are lovely to stroll around if you want to stretch your legs. You may even find some local handicrafts to buy. There are a few lock along the route, but if you have never navigated through them before you will find they are not as hard as they look. For those who have never sailed before, full instructions will be given prior to departure and all safety equipment needed, such as life jackets and fire extinguishers will be on board.

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