Norfolk Broads Boat Hire is truly one of the best possible holidays available. Norfolk Broads is a beautiful and amazing place that is filled with wonder and nature that is beyond imagination. The romantic surroundings are perfect for Norfolk Broads Boat Hire couples while the combination of historical and natural beauty is perfect for families. There are over 200 kilometres of waterways to navigate, and each experience that you have along these waterways will be different than the last. The waterways of Norfolk Broads connect to additional waterways, leaving the opportunities for exploration endless.

The rivers that you will traverse on a Norfolk Broads Boat Hire holiday are quite calm and tranquil while still offering sufficient winds for the sailing holidays. There are few places on Earth that offer the same amount of picture perfect holiday surroundings.

Choice of Boatyards and BoatsOnce one of the prime locations for peat harvesting, Norfolk Broads have turned into a waterway haven for anyone who wants a holiday experience that is far from the ordinary. With water activities that abound, there is no way that anyone will be bored or unengaged as they explore this unique and special territory.  Norfolk Broads Boat Hire is a new way to explore one of the most favoured and impressive holiday destinations.

With protected wetlands and wildlife that is sure to please even the steadfast city dweller, a Norfolk Broads Boat Hire is by far the best way to see the variety of natural life that lives along the rivers and waterways. If you look for it you will find that this is the only natural breeding grounds for the common crane, and during the breeding season you might be lucky enough to see the miracles that exist within the Broads. Even the insects along the waterways are some of the most significant and rare that you’ll find anywhere around. Dragonflies, the Norfolk hawker, and the Old World Swallowtail are found in their natural habitat all throughout this fun and educational water holiday destination.

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