River Boat Canal Holiday There is another vessel that can be an option when taking a River Boat Canal Holiday. A cruiser can travel the same places a narrow boat does but with a little bit more luxury. A cruiser can operate up to 6 to 7 mph, this is the maximum speed one can go and not damage the natural environment that exists along the waterways. Cruisers can hold two to twelve adults depending on size. There must be a minimum of two adults to navigate the locks. The cruisers are newer and bigger than the narrow boats but they are not intended for the open sea, they were designed for inland waterways. Lifejackets and buoyancy devices are provided by the boating company. What does any other form of holiday provide you that you don’t get and more on a River Boat Canal Holiday?

A deluxe luxury cruiser has tons of space and extra long beds with comfortable linens. That means that sheets and towels are included. All 5 star luxury cruisers come with electric toilets, air conditioning, LCD TVs and CD/DVD players. All beds are made and the groceries will be purchased and put away upon the party’s arrival. A full kitchen with a stove and full oven, Choice of River Boats and Barges two fridges with icebox and plates and utensils to match the number in the party is customary on a luxury cruiser. On the sundecks, tables and chairs are provided so that guests can eat under the sky and watch a sunset if the mood strikes.

The cruiser can hold enough gas for two weeks, if cruising 4 to 5 hours a day. Water should be topped off once day at a watering station. Any water should be boiled prior to consumption. Some people enjoy the authentic River Boat Canal Holiday travelling in a narrow boat but some prefer the luxury that a cruiser can offer.

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